Note from your Publisher - 10/29/2020

By Heather Williams October 29, 2020

Happy {almost} Halloween!! Although Halloween might look a little different this year, it is still one of my favorite days. 

My boys were not all that excited about costumes this year, I think part because of all of the changes and part because they are getting older... but I convinced my 11 year old to go costume shopping with me and once he finally picked out a costume, I could see the excitement in his eyes. He is now looking forward to Halloween as much as I am! As far as the other 2, well they are teenagers and "have" to pretend not to care, but I am confident they will come up with last minute costumes and join the fun! 

Now fingers crossed that the weather holds out and it isn't as cold as forecasted. Who will you be spending time with on Halloween? We would love to see your kiddos dressed up, please share photos on our Facebook page!

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