National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys

Sponsored Review

August 9, 2012
One of the great things about being a Macaroni Kid publisher, is getting the chance to review some really cool things.  Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing different National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Toys.  

This week my boys got a chance to do some nighttime exploring with the High Sierra Eco Explorer, Expedition Shoe Lights and Expedition Sky Flare.  Each toy came with an activity guide with instructions and examples on how the toy can be used.

The High Sierra Eco Explorer great to use during the day or at night!  This single toy can be used so many different ways!  The toys includes a small and large jar to hold bugs or other little treasures, a sifting lid, tweezers, a magnifying lens, a viewing lid and a multi-use light that can also be used as a head lamp!  During the day it is a great place to hold insects so you can get a closer look with the magnifying lens without injuring them.  At night, have fun searching in the backyard with the head lamp or you can turn the toy into a illuminated magnifying viewer!

The Expedition Shoe Lights were a big hit!  These are simple to clip onto shoelaces or straps and you can angle the lights in the direction of your choice.  Once it is dark, kids can explore the backyard or even inside a dark room without having to hold a flashlight.  

The Expedition Sky Flare is a fun toy for kids 8 and older.  The flare can be used for playing games or to signal friends that are close by.  Launch the flare and activate the LED light so that it will shine brightly in the air!  This was a big hit with my oldest (7) and the adults!

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