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Easter Coupons, Scavenger Hunt, and Gift Tags

March 28, 2013

Macaroni Printables

By: Michelle Melnik ~ MK Publisher Deerfield/Greenfield, MA
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Michelle Melnik
If you're looking for some different things to do on Easter morning, use our printable Easter Coupons and Gift Tags, or create a scavenger hunt on Easter morning.

Easter Coupons

This year, coupons are in. Why not fill those plastic Easter eggs with coupons - homemade coupons. Write the coupons out for something special that your children don't get to do all the time, but would really love.

Easter Coupon Printables

Scavenger Hunt

Get the kids moving with a scavenger hunt. You can hide your child's basket or gift, print out our blank tags and write some clues. Roll the clues up into some plastic eggs. One clue leads to another clue until they find their basket or gift.

This is especially fun for children who are reading or just learning to read, so they can read their own clues. If your child is not reading, glue pictures of different items on our printables such as the refrigerator, television, couch, etc.

When they do find their Easter baskets or gifts, use our printable gift tags to personalize them.

Scavenger Hunt or Easter Gift Tag Printables

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