Macaroni Kid Toy Time Party

November 15, 2012

Holiday Toy Preview

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Last weekend we hosted a Macaroni Kid Toy Time Party featuring: Glo Glo Inkoos, Barbeque Party Game, Green Kid Crafts Box, K’NEX, Tinkertoy, Winx Club dolls, Monsuno Action Figures, Boy Made & Crafty Princess Craft Books, Budding Builder Book, VTech Toys Kidiminiz, Bananagrams - PAIRS in PEARS & Appletters and The Hasbro Game of Life zAPPed and information about SbykeUSA and Tykoon!  All of the little toy testers left with new ideas for their Christmas lists!

Here is information about some of the toys we got to test out!  Interested in a toy and it isn't included below?  Feel free to email me with questions ([email protected])!  You can view photos from the party here!

Barbeque Party

The Barbeque Party game was a big hit with the kids and adults.  The game is geared for kids ages 4 and up, but even the younger kids had fun using the tongs to pick up and move the food around.  Why kids loved this game:  tongs...every kid loves playing with tongs, the cute food with funny faces and of course, the grill that "pops" and makes the food fly off if touched the wrong way!  Why parents loved this game:  it does not include a million little pieces, kids can play on their own with friends easily, playing an entire game takes about 15 minutes (some other games can seem endless!) and it is great for fine motor skills.  For more info, visit the website here!   

Green & Groovy Crafts: The Crafty Princess and Green & Groovy Crafts: Boy-Made

The Crafty Princess is a great craft book for little girls!  It comes with gems, glitter, ribbon and purple marabou to help create 90+ crafts from common items that can be found in most homes.  Some ideas from the book include: Egg-cellant Jeweled Crowns made from cardboard egg cartons, a Bubble Wrap Bag, Glitter-Lid Bangle Trio made from plastic cup lids, Paper Clip Princess Hearts and much more!  The book is printed on recycled paper and is recommended for ages 6 and up.  For more info, visit the website here

is the perfect book for a crafty or outdoorsy little boy!  I have 3 boys, they are all messy, dirty little guys that LOVE play playing outside AND also LOVE crafts...Boy-Made is full of great craft ideas that can be made with common items found around the house and outside!  The book comes with a few items sure make every little boy happy - craft sticks, duct tape, fishing line, fake fur and googlie eyes!  My oldest couldn't open this book and start creating fast enough, his first project was to make Fishing Rods for him and his two brothers (with paper clip hooks of course!).  Some other projects that can be found in the book are: Cardboard Body Armor, a Tube Sword, a Minnow Catcher, an Alien Paw From Outer Space, a Worm Bed and much more!  The book is printed on recycled paper and is recommended for ages 6 and up.  For more info, visit the website here.  


Sbyke is the combination of a bike and skateboard that is made to use like a scooter!  It features a BMX wheel, wide platform for easy foot placement and a hand brake.  The Sbyke is recommended for riders 8 years and older, and up to 220 pounds.  As soon as my oldest son watched a Sbyke video, he added it to his Christmas wish list!  For more info, visit the website here.


Kidiminiz by VTECH is a fun, interactive, electronic pet with games and an interchangeable face!  You can choose from a KidiCat, KidiDog or KidiBunny and if you get more than one, they will interact with each other!  The kids had fun playing with the Pink KidiCat and Blue KidiDog along with the fish and bone accessories!  Kidiminiz also function as a real clock and alarm.  Recommended for ages 4 - 7, but even the younger ones at our party had fun playing with them!  For more info, visit the website here.  

Winx Doll 

Winx Club is a modern fantasy adventure series following six fashion-forward best friends - Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Aisha who attend the finest fairy school. When trouble arises, the Winx Club transforms into beautiful fairies who use their unique magical powers to fight villains and save the world from evil.  For these fashion-forward fairies, the only thing stronger than their magical fairy power is their unbreakable friendship.  There are six Winx Club Dolls available, they are 11.5" and have posable bodies and removable wings.  Each fairy comes with a magical membership card that unlocks content on nick.com/winx. You can also purchase accessories and play sets to go along with the fashionable fairies!  For more info, visit the website here.   

PAIRS in PEARS & Appletters 

PAIRS in PEARS is a fun game for all ages and can help teach matching, letter recognition, patterns and spelling.  The game can be played in multiple ways depending on age and skill level of players.  During the toy party, this was a hit with parents and elementary school age kiddos (kindergarten & 2nd grade)!  This quick paced game comes with 104 letter tiles, in multiple patterns.  1 to 4 players can play at a time and the game is recommended for ages 3 and up.  For more info, visit the website here.

Appletters is a educational game that can help young children with spelling while having fun!  Appletters can be played in 3 differnt ways depending on the age and skill level of players.  The game comes with 110 letter tiles that are used to create words while forming a "snake".  1 to 4 players can play at a time and the game is recommended for ages 5 and up.  For more info, visit the website here.

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